Ray-On was born out of the growing needs of emerging and well-established artists who wish to live of and make their music known without signing off their independance or control over their music creations.

The current music landscape is ever-inscreagly focussing on digital approaches, from distribution, promotion, to consumption. This might mean easier to access to music or fans and a broader stage to display your art, but it also makes it harder for artists to make a living out of their profession. That’s where Ray-On comes in, providing tailor-made services through a cumulative of decades of proven expertise to address these issues, and to make sure our artists maximize their revenue potential in this digital age.

Ray-On is part of a cluster of music companies including the sync agency and online music catalog Harris & Wolff, the recording studio Masterkut, the publishing company Ho-Tune Musique, as well as Maisonnette, a music agency representing original music and sound design composers for film, series and ads.


  • Denis Wolff


    Denis Wolff started his music career in publishing as Beggars Banquet's sub-publisher for France. Later, in Montréal, he became partner at Audiogram records, producing over 50 albums and heading the music publishing division. He signed and worked with artists such as Lhasa, Pierre Lapointe, Jean Leloup and Bran Van 3000. In 2006 he founded Ho-tune Music and Maisonnette Agency, representing film and television music composers and record producers (Philippe Brault, Benoit Charest, Patrick Watson, Serge Pelletier, Jean Massicotte , Mathieu Vanasse, Florian Seraul etc..). In 2014, he also lunched Harris & Wolff, a music library catalog specializing in audiovisual online synch licenses. Denis is a board member of the SOCAN and APEM since 2013, and has also been a board member of ADISQ, SOPROQ, Musicaction et Fonds Radiostar.

  • Ludivine Lavenant

    A&R and Copyright

    After graduating in Music industry management at Trebas Institute, Ludivine started working for Art Illimité, a publishing and rights management company, working alongside Diane Lamarre as a copyright adminitrator. She then split her time between Genison, a rights adminitrator for the label L-Abe (amongst other other things), and Harris & Wolff, a synchronisation agency where she signs new artists to the catalog and handles client music requests and pitches.

  • Simon Bourdou

    Communications & Marketing Manager

    Before joining the Ray-On team, Simon built a solid experience in communications and marketing by working over five years for Montreal festivals and conferences including M for Montreal, OUMF, Mundial Montreal and HUB Montreal.



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