Ray-On was born out of the growing needs of emerging and well-established artists who wish to live of and make their music known without signing off their independance or control over their music creations.

The current music landscape is ever-inscreagly focussing on digital approaches, from distribution, promotion, to consumption. This might mean easier to access to music or fans and a broader stage to display your art, but it also makes it harder for artists to make a living out of their profession. That’s where Ray-On comes in, providing tailor-made services through a cumulative of decades of proven expertise to address these issues, and to make sure our artists maximize their revenue potential in this digital age.

Ray-On is part of a cluster of music companies including the sync agency and online music catalog Harris & Wolff, the recording studio Masterkut, the publishing company Ho-Tune Musique, as well as Maisonnette, a music agency representing original music and sound design composers for film, series and ads.

On top of offering label services to artists, Ray-On is a publisher, a sync agency with an online catalogue, and represents original music composers for films, series, documentaries, video games and ads.


  • Ludivine Lavenant

    A&R and Copyright

    After graduating in Music industry management at Trebas Institute, Ludivine started working for Art Illimité, a publishing and rights management company, working alongside Diane Lamarre as a copyright adminitrator. She then split her time between Genison, a rights adminitrator for the label L-Abe (amongst other other things), and Harris & Wolff, a synchronisation agency where she signs new artists to the catalog and handles client music requests and pitches.

  • Simon Bourdou

    Communications & Marketing Manager

    Before joining the Ray-On team, Simon built a solid experience in communications and marketing by working over five years for Montreal festivals and conferences including M for Montreal, OUMF, Mundial Montreal and HUB Montreal.



1475 Ottawa
Montreal, Canada
H3C 1S9

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