Ray-On is a Montreal-based
artist development company

Our team of dedicated professionals provides customized music services to
artists, managers and labels and helps maximize revenue in today’s digital landscape.


  • Digital Distribution

    Music distribution is an essential step in getting your music heard and discovered by a wider audience and the most effective way of generating revenue for your work.

    Releasing your music and music videos through Ray-On means hassle-free worldwide digital distribution across 27 stores and platforms in 240 territories, including Spotify, AppleMusic, Google Play, Amazon music and Youtube. We provide added value and extra visibility for our artists with our free initial marketing send out to digital services.

    Once your music is out, you will get access to fully transparent royalty reports as well as analytics to review daily listening trends. Learn more about the origin of your plays and who’s listening to your music through our partner’s, Believe Digital, user-friendly platform.

    There is not initial or set-up fee for our distribution service, we work on a percentage basis, so if you receive no income, we don’t get paid!

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  • Sync

    Through Ray-On’s sync agency, we curate your music for placement in films, television, advertsing and video games.

    Your music is added to themed playlists that are sent out regularly to post production studios, producers and music supervisors. We respond daily to music search requests. Recent clients include : Netflix, CW, Nike, Amazon Prime, Sony Pictures, CBC , Global TV, Ubisoft and CRAVE.

    If you choose so, your music will also benefit from being added to our highly curated music catalog and website, complete with your artist profile, bio, photo and listening material.

    We also work with agents around the world who work within their territory and help us maximize synchronization opportunities on an international level.

    There is no initial or set-up fee for our music placement service, we work on a percentage basis on song placement.

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  • Rights Management

    To help you focus on making your music Ray-on can assist you in worldwide registration of all your recordings and songs and ensure you receive all your royalties in a timely manner.

    If you are a performing artist, a record producer or owner of master sound recordings, RAY-ON can collect your neighboring rights income worldwide.

    If you are a songwriter Ray-On can also administrate your publishing activities and income, license your music to third parties.

    This allows us to do gap analysis to maximize your revenue.

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  • Marketing Services

    As a free starter pack, we offer:

    • An initial push for your releases by promoting and pitching them to our privileged Canadian digital industry contacts for streaming and satellite radio
    • Advice on initial release calendar and timeline
    • A digital Health Check pdf guide
    • Inclusion of your release, complete with artist presentation, in our Sync newsletter sent out to all our contacts worldwide

    Additional À la carte paying services

    Ray-On can help find you the right promotional team for your release. We work with a network of radio trackers, digital promoters and press relationists offering:

    • Digital Promotion: Digital playlisting, social media, influencer marketing
    • Radio Promotion: digital delivery of your song to all or selected radios in Quebec, Canada or worldwide, radio tracking
    • Press & PR
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  • Consulting Services

    We also offer à la carte consulting services either in-house or through a network of partners. Services include:

    Advice on contract negotiation and, if required , help in finding appropriate legal representation.

    We help you elaborate business plan, budget, revenue projection, cash flow and other financial aspects.

    We advise you on how to finance your project including crowdfunding and grant applications (Musicaction, SODEC, CALQ, FACTOR, Canadian art council, tax credits, etc.).

    We assist you in clearly laying out your career plan including business plan, social media presence, image, branding, time line, targets and budgets.

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Why work with us?

  • Freedom and control

    • You keep ownership of your music and rights
    • You stay independent and maintain creative control
    • Flexible deals

    • Get your music on all digital platforms worldwide
    • Strong focus on sync opportunities
    • Free playlisting in Canada

    • Get paid for digital uses, downloads, radio, television and concert performances, neighboring rights and other publishing income
    • Transparent and detailed accounting

    • We can advise you on your grant applications to maximize your chances
    • Musicaction recognizes Ray-On's distribution and label services for your grant applications

    • Our international network of industry contacts and partners built over the last decades
    • Inside knowledge of Music Rights Societies